KORONAL: Rough, but Sweet Music

Polish djent / prog metal band Koronal released their debut album Flicker Away in March. Guitarist Piotr Chmielecki talked with Rocking Charts.

How did you start this project as Koronal?

Koronal bloomed in my head as a hazy vision several years ago. I just wanted to do something interesting, possibly fresh, with a large dose of energy that cumulate somewhere in my head. The rest is just coincidence of positive circumstances and working with the right people.

How would you describe your music to someone who has not heard of you yet?

For some people it will be technical/progressive death metal, for others – djent. The fact is that our music is just a mix of extreme genres. Kind of experiment. If you’re a fan of Meshuggah, Vildhjarta or Gojira, you may like Koronal too.

You have just released your debut album “Flicker Away”. I would love you to describe it in your own words. What makes this album different?

Koronal is quite brutal and dissonant stuff with a lot of groove and jazzy style solos. One of the most important features is the severity of this material.

To sum up: music we offer is rough, heavy and twisted but it’s softened with „sweet” melodies.

Flicker Away

How did the writing process go for “Flicker Away”?

First I composed the music. Then Patryk (our bass player) programmed drum part in midi. The main work on the album began at the beginning of 2013. We picked up the final mix at the end of 2015. Vocals were arranged and recorded when all material was already done. This was due to the fact that we had initially problems with finding a suitable vocalist.

What was the toughest moment that you all will always remember during the recordings?

Actually, there were no such moments. The production process I remember was a great adventure. Of course, we wanted that album was possibly the best so we were fighting sometimes :) but the whole process went without major problems.

How do you share the writing duties inside the band?

Koronal has been created from scratch. “Flicker Away”is our debut album for which I composed the music and recorded guitars. Patryk helped with some arrangement. Drums were recorded by Daray (Dimmu Borgir). The work on the next album might look a little different. We’ll see what’s gonna happen.

As a new band, what are your expectations from people?

Yeah it’s a debut so we want to draw the audience’s attention on what we did. This is currently the most important for us. We know we have to work hard and the competition is fierce but I hope that we’ll succeed.

Where do you draw your inspiration, what influences your work at the most?

I listen to different music and get inspiration from everything that seems interesting for me. Recorder in my iPhone is permanently full, because ideas come into my head suddenly. It’s often an impulse and I can’t defend against this.

I must say not only music but the artwork of Koronal’s album needs to be paid attention. Whose hands made this work?

Thanks! Both the cover art and the animation for „Usurper” is a work of Magnus Jonsson. This guy worked with Meshuggah previously, so we knew that it should be fine and so it is. Great job and a great idea as well.

Grab a copy of Flicker Away on Bandcamp, and stay tuned for more Koronal news via the band’s Facebook page.