KONSTANT SINGULARITY: Using Emotions as Force to Write

Konstant Singularity is a real revelation. It’s a late revelation, considering that the band’s sophomore album Randomnicity was just released in December of 2016. But it’s a release that ultimately led me to call it as one of the best underrated records of the year. Konstant Singularity’s founder Konstantin Ilin has poured a lot into this release, and that’s something that a listener can hear.

In the interview below Konstantin tells us about how he got the inspiration for the name, his view on the music he produces, writing process, and more. Press the play button below, and enjoy.

What made you go for the name Konstant Singularity? It’s interesting how it connects with your first name.

[KS] So when I was considering to start my solo project I had huge concerns to use my full name, cause my last name can hardly be spelt in English. I decided to come up with a band name. I’m really into science and love reading about the universe, cosmic objects, dark matter and so on. And ’singularity’ is a very specific term in physics also known as ‘gravitational singularity’ which means a point in space where gravity is infinite. It correlates to the English word ’singular’ which is inherited from Latin ’singularis’ – translated as ‘alone’ or ‘unique’. So as you can see it connects on many levels. And ‘Konstant’ was a combination of my name – Konstantin, with Latin ‘constant’. You could translate the name ‘Konstant Singularity’ as ‘permanently alone’. There could be other translations (smiling).

How do you usually describe your music?

[KS] I am not accustomed to describing my music. When people ask me what music do I play, I really struggle. I just say that it is instrumental progressive rock driven by guitar. I would say this music is written by my subconsciousness. I follow the flow of emotions and transcribe them into notes.

What is your writing process like?

[KS] Usually I would sit down with an instrument, guitar mostly, and play for a long time. Experiment with chord progressions. At some point, the idea would emerge. I transcribe it into scores and record a draft on my laptop. In most cases I can imagine the full arrangement right away – what other instruments should play and approximately how it could develop. After that, I record all the instruments including drums. I use virtual drum kit to achieve realistic drums for the draft recording. On Randomnicity I have replaced drum-machine with the live recording done by my friend Alex Vostrikov – brilliant drummer from St. Petersburg.

Konstantin Ilin of Konstant Singularity
Konstantin Ilin of Konstant Singularity

Who or what is your inspiration, if you have any?

[KS] Relationships with people, my emotions usually force me to write. Sometimes it is a good movie or an interesting musical idea which I could hear online. I can be easily influenced by bands I like.

What is your favourite piece on the Randomnicity album?

[KS] Hm, tricky to answer. As if you ask a parent which child do you like more (laughing). My favourite song is ‘Echo of Your Voice’. It is most recent and was written the last one. I like how chord progression develops the emotion from positive to aggressive and back. Also, I’m kind of proud of composition ‘From Deep Inside’. It is a piano-focused song and I’m not a pianist, never learned to. That was my experiment.

artwork-randomnicity-2016What makes Randomnicity different?

[KS] Different from what? From other music? For me, this music is like a wild cocktail of all kinds of music I have ever listened to. Cause every song I’ve ever liked influenced me – my musical taste, what I like in arrangements, which sounds I choose. And I see numerous references to other bands in my compositions. But to me, it is a unique mixture. Because the combination of what I like is unique. Everybody’s combination of likes and dislikes is unique.

What should music lovers expect from the album?

[KS] Honest and naked emotions. Sometimes sentimental and melancholic, sometimes harsh and aggressive. You will find musical complexity, but I’m not afraid to go simple. So you will find catchy melodies and minimalistic arrangement too. I trust it will keep you excited from beginning of the record and to the end.

What kind of emotions would you like your audience to feel when they listen to your music?

[KS] I would like them to feel what I felt writing this music. Every song is a snapshot of my very deep feelings. However to expect that would be unrealistic. Cause every human is unique and the influence of the same music on different people is different. I hope, if the one listening to my album feels sad or lost, the music would bring some joy and comfort. When I listen to music I get an energy boost!

Pick your three favourite albums that you would take on a desert island with you.

[KS] Oh, this is very tough… I like so many different things: modern and old. Ok, I would go with good old stuff: Beatles – ‘With the Beatles’, Dire Straits – ‘Love Over Gold’ and Queen – ‘A Night at the Opera’.

Randomnicity is out now, and is available her.