KISS KISS KING KING are Too High To Say Hello

The Norwegian trio Kiss Kiss King Kong of Eirik Utne, Morten Mjørlaug, and Einar Olsson create a music that’s intense, experimental and psychedelic, but their musical style is not the expected death metal doom-mongering or dispassionate gothic rock. Instead, KKKK hits with stark experimental rock and industrial heaviness that is twisted through with psychedelic rock and trip-hop flourishes. The mood is sober, shadowy, and reflective to menacing and noisy, depending on the song off the trio’s album Too High To Say Hello.

The bleak to bold, probing instrumentation form what Too High To Say Hello represents. The overall atmosphere is one of unsettled questioning and an unending quest. The hypnotic “668: Neighbour To The Beast” focuses on heavy pounding both from the rhythm section and guitar.

Too High To Say Hello

The guys definitely know what they are doing, and they also have a great sense of song construction. Their pieces flow from the beginning to the end without ever passing through stagnant waters, and make us journey in different atmospheres conveyed by carefully chosen rhythmic patterns, time signatures, tones and scales. The album is varied enough so that a few listens won’t feel repetitive, and is well-seated on the tropes of the progressive rock genre so that fans of this kind of music will be in familiar terrain, and it might even draw in some neophytes; rockers, or metalheads.

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