Premiere: Watch KALIKA’s Music Video for “My Friends Are Virgins”

International experimental rock four-piece Kalika return this Spring with their new EP “Data Religion.” However, the band has decided to put a closure on the promotion of their debut EP release “Enter Kalki” which was released in April last year. is exclusively premiering a music video for “My Friends Are Virgins.” Watch it below.

Commented singer and multi-instrumentalist Prannay Sastry: “‘My Friends are Virgins’ was written soon after I returned to my childhood home in Pune, India. Having spent the past 3 years of my life in the Netherlands, I was reorienting myself in an environment that used to be my home. Things weren’t as I remembered them and I could see an obvious difference in quality of life between the two countries I was living in. The havoc that colonialism had wreaked on my home country was just so apparent to me – and it was sad. The lyric ‘archaic remnants tying you down to behave’ best sums up what the song was about – people continuing to fight the terrible remnants of an ancient colonial era. The title itself refers to the culture of sexual repression that the colonisers left behind in their wake.”

The video for “My Friends are Virgins” was shot months later in the Hoge Fronten Park in Maastricht, The Netherlands  —a ruined and overgrown ancient fortification and a “sixteenth century subterranean network of passages.” 

Sastry continued: “We couldn’t have found a more appropriate place to shoot the video. Lush, vibrant new life: grass, trees, and little animals were slowly replacing the remnants of the cold fortification walls, just as the people of my country were leaving their colonial baggage behind them.

Reflecting on the debut EP “Enter Kalki,” Sastry said: “For starters, we never really bothered to ‘promote’ the first EP all that much. We’re trying to do that this time, so that’s different. As I often say, releasing the first EP was more of a ‘coming out’ (as a musician) kind of thing. That previous sentence makes more sense when you know I recorded the whole thing in a closet. It was really mostly just a solo EP and kind of a quiet one.

The new EP on the other hand was much more of a team effort, with all members contributing to the songwriting process. The songs on ‘Data Religion’ are definitely heavier and more focused than on ‘Enter Kalki’. Also, most of the songs on this EP were born during jam sessions – giving the music a ‘live’ feel. Thematically and lyrically, the fist EP was personal and reflective, while the new EP deals with a psychologically vulnerable society in a modern technological age.

In support to the new EP, Kalika plans to embark on a tour of Europe and UK, with plans to visit India as well.

We’re still working out the details… Organizing a tour has to be one of the most difficult things out there. We’ll announce our plans later this year, so stay tuned! Our drummer Jonny who had moved to Switzerland came to the realization that he really needed to be where the band was, so he’s moved back into Maastricht! Everyone in the band is willing to go that extra mile and that has been a powerful driving force for us this year. The band’s morale is higher than ever. We’re working together really smoothly, we’ve already started writing some new music, and we’re looking to push that envelope just a bit,” Sastry concluded.

Watch a music video for “My Friends Are Virgins” below, and stay tuned for Kalika’s new EP “Data Religion” out this Spring.

Kalika line-up:

Prannay Sastry -Instrumentation/Vocals/Synth

Jonathan Raths – Drums/ percussion

Luciano Monsegue – Guitars

Rushang Pujara – Bass Guitars