Swiss progressive rockers The Crazy Juggler’s Prog Orchestra talked with Rocking Charts about the series of concept records they released so far, with accent on their latest releasean album titled Planet Euphoria – Part I. And where is part one, there is certainly its follow-up.

Describe the meaning behind title Planet Euphoria?

As the word Euphoria says, it’s a planet where people and creatures can live in harmony and freedom, some may call it paradise…

What evolution as musicians and composers does this album represent for you?

It’s the first album we combined all the different styles that define our individual sound. And it was kind of a positive challenge to write an epic song during 79 minutes. So we evolved once more in writing concept albums.

What is the working relationship within the band like?

It’s Joe, the Dancer and me write the music and story behind. The working relationship in playing music together is very satisfying and we all have a lot of fun together.

How do you direct each other in order to get the best work out of yourselves?

I think that’s positioned in every one of us, so we don’t really have to motivate one another. It’s the inner motivation to outclass himself from album to album.

Detail the creative process that drove the songs on Planet Euphoria – Part 1?

After creating the story line, we wrote the suitable music parts for it. Then while recording the demo-tracks, we puzzled the songs to one sole epic song of 79 minutes.

How does improvisation inform your composition process?

We really love improvisations and jam sessions, but that’s more a live- or rehearsal-thing, we think. Improvisations don’t have any influence in our compositions, because concept albums have to be very elaborated from beginning to the end to make real sense in our opinion.


How have your techniques evolved during the creative process of Planet Euphoria?

Our techniques evolved immense, we guess and hope. The music became more difficult, and it’s not only important for us to evolve in writing compositions but also to evolve in techniques.

Tell me about the instruments you focused on for this album.

I guess that one of the most central roles is taking by the keyboards, because most of the main themes and melodies come from it. But the magical moments especially come out in the interaction of each instrument. That’s why we love Progressive Rock.

How will 2016 unfold for you?

We are re-recording The Utopia EP in our own little studio at the moment. It will re-release later this year. We will also play some regional gigs soon. And by the way, we’re recording the demo-tracks for the second part of Planet Euphoria to release it early 2017.

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