Interview with MOSH

Israeli singer and songwriter Mosh Werner aka MOSH recently released his debut album titled “Unbreakable Wall,” a 10-song album that “contains songs that Mosh has collected throughout his life that reflects his inner conflict and relationships with others and the government.

In an interview with Rocking Charts, Mosh tells us about his work.

How do you usually describe your music?

I would say my music is a representation of my personality, it is a mixture of alternative rock and modern folk for most parts, but it could go anywhere.

What is your writing process like?

Writing a new song is not an easy task. I don’t just write when I feel like it, I need to be in the right mood, I need to be isolated and free to experience.

When that happens, I find my muse and I just play with my guitar until something clicks, sometimes it doesn’t and I go on with my day, but sometimes, there is a magic that happens, and when that happens, I feel euphoric, I know that I’m on to something new and exciting and I just play and play until I find the right melody and I start to compose.

The lyrics come afterwards for the most part, I need inspiration and a clear understanding on the subject I want to write about, but this takes a lot of time and patience.

Who or what is your inspiration, if you have any?

I try to take things from artists I love, and my first love was “Blind Melon” and Shannon Hoon, the singer, in particular. There was something authentic and honest about him. I felt his pain through the music and lyrics and I try to follow the same.

The next inspiration is Dave Matthews, his music has been a big part of the “growth” as a musician. I love the variety and depth in his music, he uses a lot of instruments and I really enjoy that.

The latest inspiration for me is Wilco, there’s something soft and beautiful about their music, they prove for me that songs don’t need to sophisticated, they just need to be fun to listen to.

Mosh - Unbreakable Wall

What is your favourite piece on the recently released album “Unbreakable Wall” and why?

I’ve always had issues picking the best song, and I’m not going to do it now. Every song has its more favorable time, but I honestly like them all.

What makes “Unbreakable Wall” different?

I think that the mixture of genres makes “Unbreakable Wall” different from the usual album. Most of the albums today have a clear theme and you know exactly what you’re going to get as you progress with the album.

What should music lovers expect from “Unbreakable Wall”?

They should expect something fresh, an honest tour into my soul so to say.

What kind of emotions would you like your audience to feel when they listen to your music?

I want my audience to feel, it doesn’t really matter if they feel pain or happiness, it needs to be authentic. Some can find comfort and some can find anger, the important thing is the you find your unique connection to the song and/or lyrics.

Which do you like most, life in the studio or on tour?

Tour definitely. There’s something about preforming live that I really enjoy, the stage is my comfort zone, its where I get to explode and get a deep connection with my audience. In the studio you need to be tamed and colder. On stage, I feel so natural. I feel that I bring my true self on stage, and people enjoy that.

Pick your three favourite albums that you would take on a desert island with you.

Now, this is a really hard question, I can’t really pick 3 albums to take, but If I must, then I will pick those who represent something important to my music vision.

The first album would be “Blind Melon – Soup” – it was really hard deciding between “Soup” and Blind’s Melon self-title, but there’s something real and special about this album, Shannon Hoon explodes here, you can feel his pain, and I love it.

The 2nd album would be “Radiohead – OK Computer” – Every song here is a good one, but when combining all songs together into one piece, it becomes a masterpiece, and maybe the prefect album.

The 3rd and final album would be “Wilco – Sky Blue Sky”, it’s not everyone’s Wilco favorite, but for some reason, its mine, it has many great tracks that I can listen again and again.

“Unbreakable Wall” is available as digital download and limited edition vinyl. Order it from Bandcamp, and follow Mosh on Facebook.