Interview: Darryl Weppler, Moshpit Promotions

Here at Rocking Charts, we love when we receive an email from Moshpit Promotions. That’s simply because we know that we are in a treat for something great each time we receive a new release for an artist off of their roster. The agency has been active for a few years now, and we talked with one of co-founders, Darryl Weppler, about their vision, publicity, his e-book, and more.

Tell me about how did Moshpit PR came into life. What led you to starting your own PR company?

The love for music. As long as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by great music, and that’s sort of a cliche. [laughs] My parents are avid music fans and collectors, and that’s something they transferred to me at an early age. I’ve been constantly exposed to music in all its shapes and forms; from pure listening and enjoying it, to being surrounded by all kind of instruments, to reading about it in magazines and scribbling my own features, what really helped me developing my writing skills. From all these music involvements, it was writing reviews that gave me most satisfaction. Growing up in Toronto, it made my life easier being exposed to amazing live shows, so by joining a few local zines, I would be able to see concerts and run home and write live reports, what helped once again in honing my craft. 

Years later I’ve come to know Ryan and Niko and after bit of talking we realised that we all had same goals. They both had previous experience by working in PR and as journalists, and that was very important and easy to just storm into the business of music publicity from the get-go. That’s how Moshpit PR became real. 

Darryl Weppler

Is Moshpit PR open to absolutely any music genre or are you limited to certain styles?

I wouldn’t say that we are limited to any genre, but I have to say that we have our preferences, and these include everything that’s (r)evolving around Rock, Punk, Metal, Experimental and Alternative music. There are so many subgenres within these five mother-genres. It’s very important for us to like an artist’s work and be enthusiastic about that. Otherwise we would not be able to connect, and when there is no connection to music and image — it will not benefit anyone.

Can you outline what type of services Moshpit PR offers?

We mainly work as a publicist agency, managing online, print and radio PR on behalf of our artists. Besides, one of our services includes the “Artist Marketing” plan which is a 12-month step-by-step marketing plan specifically tailored to an artist. This plan outlines all necessary steps, and the band receives a detailed plan that explains how to get the best of their work and make them stay focused.

We also have our in-house web designer and developer who can create a representative website for a band. Other services include social media management and consulting, and writing a compelling biography. 

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing for a public relations agency?

Its ability to evolve. You have to keep in line with trends and answer those challenges rapidly. Looking back at times when there were no social media and streaming platforms, from this point — it feels unreal. Adapting to the new standards and being informed is what characterises a good publicist. 

There is this myth about publicists and PR agencies where bands have expectations of outselling their releases and being featured in major media outlets. What is your take on it?

That is so false and it has to be debunked once and for all. Publicists are not sales people. Publicity doesn’t mean selling your music or your tickets; its mission is to inform people who are likely to engage with you about your work, events, etc. In my e-book “All About Music Publicity,” I wrote that artists should put their expectations in check. So if you are considering running a PR campaign think well about what is it that you want to achieve. It’s very important to understand that publicity takes time and you have to be patient. There are hundreds of other releases that compete against you daily, and there are so many factors that influence an editor’s decision about featuring you.

All About Music Publicity e-book

You mentioned your free e-book “All About Music Publicity.” There are great advices for young and unexperienced artists who are just getting the word out about their existence and work. What was your vision with the book?

The idea with “All About Music Publicity” is to give a guide to struggling musicians and bands who are starting out in this game. I wanted to show them steps that they can make by following simple rules. It gives necessary steps that prepare an artist for doing own PR or hiring a publicist, what to expect from a PR campaign, how to do planning, how to create an EPK, how to write and pitch a press release, etc. 

That sounds good. But, why giving all that information away for free?

Why not? [laughs] Bands and musicians need all the help they can get. Especially when there are really great and talented bands out there, it would be a waste if that talent is not guided. There are thousands of amazing new bands coming all around the world, great music is constantly being put out. So I don’t see it as a conflict of interest. We are always looking to work with new and interesting acts who are on the same side as we are, and use our skills and experience in helping them and bring them to new heights. 

How can an artist get in touch with you to discuss their goals and enlist Moshpit PR to help them in reaching them?

The best way to do that is to get in touch via our official website. We are also on Facebook and Instagram. We love to hear from bands asking for advice, so feel free to get in touch and tell us about your plans.