INFIRMUM Claims We All Are Doomed with Debut Album “Walls of Sorrow”

Yet another outstanding Finnish metal act, Jyväskylä’s Infirmum are a fast-rising doom band with far, far more than just doom on their mind.

With stoner comparisons failing to even remotely do them justice, Infirmum’s paradoxical sound on a debut full-length Walls of Sorrow combines an ethereal air with the heaviest of death / doom, an experience that is both suffocatingly oppressive and eerily beautiful.

Infirmum - Walls of Sorrow

Stunning artistry and a 100% grasp of craft is the kind of statement us reviewers wish we could use to describe every promo that lands in our lap but, unsurprisingly, that is seldom the case. Originality is just as hard to come by but Infirmum are such an act and one who can live up to such hyperbole.

Sounding massive, even at their quietest moments, this band are rich in inspiration and have taken doom, death/doom, post-metal and prog metal and fashioned something distinctly sorrowful, surprisingly melodic and unnervingly brutal out of them.

Whether it’s the ferocity of the opening “To Darkness” – which reaches unexpected levels of primal rage – or the more delicate refrains of the aptly titled “Doomed”, Infirmum have found a way to offer you everything… And it’s an offer you should ensure you take them up on!

Walls of Sorrow is out on February 24 via Inverse Records.