HAAZE Welcomes You to Kingdom of Swamp Riffs with “Swamp Mama”

There’s a reason why HAAZE refer to themselves as “the kings of swamp riffs.” Not only is their brand of metal the murkiest, dirtiest sludge to come out of Alberta in Canada, but like the swamps it’s named for, it’s easy to get lost in and challenging to escape from. That’s the magic of “Swamp Mama,” HAAZE’s new album which comes out on January 7th, 2019 via Transistor 66 Records. 

HAAZE - Swamp Mama album cover

There’s no prog wizardry or noodly, atmospheric head trips to get caught up in. Instead, HAAZE delivers six tracks of big and dirty doom/sludge that draws you in with its simplicity, daring you to enter its murky depths. Once you’ve entered their world, prepare yourself to be taken on a relentless hell ride. The first line of the album opener, “Beast of the Bog,” is like an invitation. From then on, the album hurtles itself toward the finish line with single-minded determination. It’s clear that HAAZE aren’t interested in squandering time with patient build-ups and delicate layers of synthesizers. Subtlety is tossed to the wayside in favor of intensity, making “Swamp Mama” a condensed and incredibly satisfying listening experience.

Pre-order “Swamp Mama” from Bandcamp here, and follow HAAZE on Facebook and Instagram.