Interview: Alex Adamson, Drummer of HAAZE

Haaze is a Red Deer, Alberta in Canada doom/sludge metal trio who are dropping a new album “Swamp Mama” in January via Transistor 66 Records. Drummer Alex Adamson reflects on the band’s beginnings, their sound, the upcoming album, and more in an interview for Rocking Charts.

Hello! Thanks for responding to this interview. How have you guys been lately?

We’ve been great! Very busy, eager and impatiently waiting for the record to be released.

How might you introduce yourself to new potential listeners?

I’d tell them that HAAZE’s sound is the love child of Satan and your mom’s boyfriend and you should check it out before he does.

What inspired the name of the band HAAZE?

I don’t know, Mitch was like “hey this is what the band is called,” and I said “okay sweet.” 


How did HAAZE form as a creative unit?

A previous band that Mitch and I had been in disbanded, so we got back together to play the heavier stuff we wanted to be playing the whole time. 

You are about to release a new album titled “Swamp Mama.” Where did the inspiration for it come from and how did you go about the whole process of writing and recording it?

I took a lot of inspiration from the ideas and excitement Mitch and Jack were putting into this. We just wanted something we could all be proud of and you sort of just absorb everything around you, the positive and negative and we took that and created this beast. We recorded the album in two parts with our friend Rangit who we had met at our first show. We did most of it live off the floor in the course of like 4 days or something. It was fast but it was exactly how we needed it to happen.

HAAZE - Swamp MamaWhat can be expected from the upcoming album? Would you say the released single for the title track is an accurate sample?

You can expect some angry neighbours, haha. We had a hard time trying to choose what to release, every song is as intense as the last so picking the title track just felt like the best choice.

What’s your song writing process like?

For this record the process was pressure. We seem to work better with deadlines and with no songs in our pocket after having an opportunity to record we had to really buckle down. Mitch usually sends Jack and I a riff/song idea and we just work it all out at jam.

What are your ultimate hopes for HAAZE as a band?

I would love to just be able to pursue this as professionally as possible with the guys for the rest of our lives. The most ideal thing would be to just morph into KISS though.

Do you have any bigger plans for the future?

Yes lots! We are constantly making bigger plans. You won’t make it anywhere by making plans that aren’t consistently greater than your last. 

The last words are yours.

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