What do LEGO and death metal have in common? Not too much, but Swedish death metallers Fuel For Nightmares are here to pursue you that the two go hand-in-hand just well. Their video for the latest single “Human Self Combustion” features band members as LEGO figurines killing it throughout the song’s four and a half minutes.

Guitarist Johnny Nymark speaks for Rocking Charts.

Hey there. How are you doing? You have just launched a new single “Human Self Combustion.” How do you feel about it? 

Hi! I am doing just great. Thanx for asking ? That is right! we have and i am feeling very excited about it. We recorded the song last summer so it has been a long wait, but finally it is out! ​

What is the story with the video? LEGO and death metal, that’s an interesting combination. ​
Haha yeah it is quite interesting I guess. We wanted to do something different and fun, and what is more fun than Lego? hehe. At the get go we were thinking about doing the video with the stop motion technique but we figured that it would be a very time consuming process. We asked our friend Petri at Cleanbridge production if he could do something animated and he said sure, so here we are with a brand new Lego video. ​

I understand that the single is from your upcoming album. What can you tell me about the release? When will it be released? ​
The album is called Implexion and hopefully we will manage to release it this summer. ​


What other artists similar to your genre that are coming from Sweden are you friends with? ​
We got a few “Brothers in bands” and some of them are Carnal Forge, One hour hell, Hexed and Loch Vostok. ​

What is your opinion about the current death metal and metal scene in general? ​
Well I think Death Metal is growing and has got more and more accepted through out the music world in general. Before when I used to tell people that i play in an Death metal band they used to reply: oh.. the Music that sounds like a car crash? Nowadays people dont raise their eyebrows when i tell them. Sadly the metal scenes in sweden are closing down! At least the good ones. ​

Can you tell me something about your influences? ​
I have so much influences that is hard to name them all but i have a weak spot for groovie tunes. ​

What are you listening to these days? ​
Right now i am listening to Cattle Decapitations Death Atlas. ​

Your 5 favourite records of all time?
The Black Dahllia Murder – Ritual
Desultory – Bitterness
Heart Of A Coward – Severance ​
The Faceless – Autotheism
Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect

Can you tell me a little bit more about the gear you use to record your music? ​
I use an 7-string Ibanez Iron Label (RGAIX7FM-TGF) and a Kemper Profiling Amp and a few filters in Cubase.
Besides the release of the album, are there any other plans for the future? 
Yes! We will do a few live shows Before the release and we are really looking forward to it. ​

Any words for the potential new fans?

Yeah! Thank you so much and you are in for a ride!

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