EP Review: Thom Pankhurst – Lighthouse

Bedroom composing and producing has been on the rise in recent years. Them Pankhurst, a guitarist and songwriter from London, has recently launched his debut EP Lighthouse.

There’s a real sense of movement in each of the three tracks here. Title track opener feeds the ear a lovely set of liquid chords, irregular rhythms and touching soloing, while “Traveller” laces its main melody and harmonies with bustling, positive energy. “Lunar Wave” features extensive lead guitar that complement a busy drum kit.

It’s tough to ignore the incredible versatility, technical prowess and emotion in the lead guitar’s phrasings. Talented musicians often overload their music with impressive, yet characterless fretboard acrobatics. Thankfully, Pankhurst does not subject his audience to the same ordeal. The solos are wholesome yet light, devastating yet controlled.

Thom’s sound is smooth, well-rounded, and, at its core, brimming with delightful energy. The EP puts listeners into motion — they can soar and eventually reach a celestial landscape, sweating from the trip and anticipating the next step in this young guitarist’s growth.

Download Lighthouse from Bandcamp.