EP Review: Jusska’s “Tsuki”

Belgian prog metallers Jusska bring a very successful mix of progressive, melodic metal and djent since the release of their debut EP l’homme de l’ombre in August last year. The duo comprised of vocalist Iason Passaris and guitarist Leander Verheyen wonderfully showcases all the beauty of the genre, but also its diversity and unpredictability. The new, second EP is titled Tsuki, and it’s a part of a three-EP series. Prog/djenty riffs and unbelievably good energy that this EP has will make you feel an urge to revisit it dozen of times.

Three songs averaging at 3:30 each make it clear that Jusska is not going to bore you to death. There is enough time to show the diversity, and each of these three pieces will make you more interested in the band’s work.

Complex textures as opposed to linearity, melodiousness versus fury, and technical proficiency in combination with energy. That’s enough to ultimately make you a fan of this young band.

Get Tsuki from Bandcamp.