Engage in “Digital Conversation” with DEATH OF AN ASTRONOMER

Last few years have brought many new emerging solo musicians, especially when it comes to the instrumental prog fusion guitar scene. One new name is a composer from Los Angeles, Jairo Estrada who appeared recently with the release of a debut single “Digital Conversation” under the moniker Death of an Astronomer. 

Although it is just a single song, “Digital Conversation” feels like the work of an extremely poised and focused artist. The spacey layers that kick off the track are instantly transformative, surrounding its listener in a cosmos of celestial tones, shimmery guitar echoes, and serene rhythms. These elements cascade around Estrada’s pensive yet robust phrasing wonderfully. 

With its absorbing, vibrant arrangements, Death of an Astronomer combines rich songwriting and tasteful musicianship into a dense and enthralling piece that is “Digital Conversation.” Hear for yourself.

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