ELARCOS Serve Epic Prog with “Tecnocracia”

Progressive metal means being unleashed from any limitations. You can use any instrument, or any type of vocals in it. And it will open its arms to anything without hesitation. So as a listener all that remains is to let it sink in and enjoy.

Elarcos is an Uruguayan band that has just released their debut album titled “Tecnocracia.” They sing in Spanish, so for an English speaker that may be an issue, but I firmly believe that this fact gave the album on its epicness. Most the time the band crosses the line between Progressive Rock and Metal, and addition of saxophone is definitely one of the biggest, if not biggest, selling points for this record.


The album is about an hour long, and it includes seven songs. The sixth, self-titled track is the centrepiece, being the longest piece here, clocking over 27 minutes. That kind of gives you an idea about how important this song is for the band. It is easy to notice how much effort was put into creating this song; it comes in slowly, it features interesting keyboard arrangements, flute, saxophone and perfect vocal execution. This lengthy suite is a great fusion of stylistically different elements ranging from prog metal, jazz fusion, ambient, to classic rock, folk, power metal, and even more than that. Masterfully crafted and executed passages, well-thought guitar and sax solos, joyous rhythmic changes. This description actually explains sums it very well about the record as a whole.

People who enjoy instrumental, challenging music, and love some tasty mixture of prog metal and saxophone, would definitely enjoy every moment of this record. “Tecnocracia” is a very pleasant record.

Buy Tecnocracia by Elarcos from Bandcamp; follow the band on Facebook.

  • Diego Ivan Caetano

    Thank you so much for that awesome review man!!!
    Looking forward for touring and meeting new bands on the road!

    Drummer from Elarcos here 😀

  • Tavo Gus

    Thank you!! It´s an amazing review!!

    Guitar player from Elarcos