DUSKS EMBRACE Amaze with “ReAwakening”

There has always been a similarity between progressive metal and doom metal, and that’s something that cannot be ignored. Doom metal being dark as it is, is very expressive, and that’s something the two genres have in common. Progressive metal is known for being a genre without limitations. The mixture of the two is what makes things far more interesting, and Dusks Embrace comes exactly as a representative. A great band that is about to release their new effort ReAwakening, an album that is in the same time doom and very progressive.

Dusks Embrace - ReAwakening

With haunting clean vocals and guitars and interesting drum work, Reawakening finds its place near the artists such as Solitude Aeternus, Isole, While Heaven Wept, but it also senses influences from Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Green Carnation and Void of Silence. There are great melodies all around ReAwakening that are tied by progressive passages courtesy of keyboards and guitar solos.

There is that dark side of the album, surrounded with plenty of different emotions. Aldo Carlissian’s vocals are carrying the whole album on its shoulders, backed up with instrumentation that goes “wild” on exploring different soundscapes.

ReAwakening is truly one of the most remarkable albums to come out in 2016. The band did provide something different and unusual, something that you do not come into so often nowadays, and for that they deserve your attention. The Dark Side of Prog, anyone?