DREAMSENSE Release New Single “Glasswall”

We have previously covered Russian symphonic metallers Dreamsense in an interview after the release of their cover of Nightwish’s song “Slaying the Dreamer.”

The group has recently returned with a new single – this time a song that is completely signed by the band. It’s titled “Glasswall,” and it represents an introduction to the band’s upcoming debut album which is to be released in Spring this year.

“‘Glasswall’ is a powerful and emotional song,” said singer George Ognev. “Whatever happens, only we can fight back our own demons. If there’s a wall on your way — you have to move and destroy it. Even if it hurts. When you listen to ‘Glasswall’ you can clearly hear a full spectre of emotions.”

Guitarist Ilya Dykin added: We are extremely happy that ‘Glasswall’ reached our listener’s hearts. Amazing how many good feedbacks we received! It gives us a new inspiration to surprise everyone with our new material.”

Stream the new song below, and stay tuned for more Dreamsense news through the band’s website, Facebook and Instagram.