Interview with Tomi Pohja of CYRANOI

Finish melodic metalcore duo Cyranoi recently put out their second EP Exist. Guitarist Tomi Pohja talked with Rocking Charts about the new record, influences, full length album, and more.

When did you start to make music?

Not so seriously as soon as I got my first guitar back in 2009 and more seriously when we formed our previous band in 2012. The oldest riffs heard in Cyranoi are from 2013 but basicly everything heard so far was written in last two years.

Where did Cyranoi take its roots from?

To put it short, from melodic death metal and metalcore. I thought that combining the heaviness and melodies of those two genres would make a nice and fresh mix. Also trying to add those modern elements of djent so it’s really a outcome of everything I love in metal music.

Are there musicians or bands to ‘blame’ that helped Cyranoi to take its today’s shape?

If we go all the way back to the day when I got the idea of (at the time) soloproject, I’d have to say that Nano EP from Mera was a game changer for me. It proved that it was possible to release high quality music as an independent artist. Other than that, the biggest inspirations for me have been August Burns Red and Erra.

Cyranoi - Exist

As a guitarist what a guitar means to you? Do you find it as a purpose to express what you have in your heart or, do you like how it sounds only?

That’s a good question. While it’s basicly just a tool to make music, it’s still a lot more than that. To answer the question, I think it’s both. I love how diverse things you can play with guitar and express different feelings but I also love how great it sounds.

It seems that the bigger part of “Exist” has been completed in your home studio. As, I believe everybody is most comfortable to work from home, how does that impact your work?

First of all, it eliminates the stress of recording in the studio and it’s also much cheaper to work from home given that you have the equipment. The most important thing is that there are no schedules and we can work on new stuff whenever we feel the most comfortabale to. However, the downside in this is that there isn’t usually anyone who can give you feedback or ideas immediately so we have to be very critical with ourselves.

Are you working on new material already?

Yes and no. I have already some ideas in my mind but I haven’t started writing yet. I want to form a solid vision of our next release before getting too deep into writing.

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Why did you choose to make two EP’s in such a short time instead of making a debut full-length album?

I was about to release ”Challenger Deep” EP including only three songs but then one evening I got plenty of new ideas which turned out to be ”Lucid Dream” almost overnight. At the time it was more like just making dream come true by releasing something. I had no exact plans for the future even though I loved to work on the debut EP. Maybe it was the incredible feedback I got from it that gave the extra push to take this further and keep on going. I was so excited from all of it that it was quite easy to find the inspiration for ”Exist” EP only months after.


Will Cyranoi be a touring band one day?

It’s hard to say but who knows. Maybe it’s better to leave some blank spaces so that future can fill them when the time comes!

What are Cyranoi’s plans for the future?

Right now we’re still enjoying getting this EP out and reaching even bigger audience with this release. However, I can reveal that I have already some pretty exciting ideas and I will definately get back to composing this year. Maybe it’s finally time for a full-length after two EPs?

Thank you for the interview!

Exist by Cyranoi is available now from Bandcamp.