CAMBUR BLANCO Talks Their Music and Future

Argentinian progressive rock band Cambur Blanco released a live album in January titled Live at NMO and in the interview below the band talks about it, but also about other topics.

Hi there guys, how’re you doing these days?

Fine, thank you!!!

Lets start! What does the band name Cambur Blanco refers to?

On the ice age and animal named Cambur lived here in South America. Blanco means white, so Cambur Blanco is a White Cambur if you like. The animal isn´t here anymore between us humans these days, it belongs only to the memory of those who sometimes think in a lost and forgotten world.

Live at NMO

You came out this past January with a live album, Live at NMO. Tell me a little about the atmosphere from that concert.

It was a really intimate concert when we revisited old songs mixed with new ones. Half of the show was recorded, the other half was lost on digital hocus pocus. But that songs will we released in July in the Live at INARTEC album. We filmed both shows, videos from NMO will be on one of our Youtube channels on July also, and of INARTEC we were uploading videos from January.

You guys must be excited, not only being on the stage in front of the audience but also recording it.

Yes, but also we were very happy doing it, and that feeling went over any other feeling. It was the first time we do a full length concert, 12 songs, 1:15 show, here in Argentina that´s very long for a non-pop group. When we presented The Dreams And The Numbers On The Sea on 2014 we did several shows, around ten, all of them 45 minute long, doing the full album fastly, one song after another!

How did the recording process go for Live at NMO?

With invaluable help of talented friends, Gustavo Ucci (recording engineer) and Ezequiel Díaz (our FoH operator), we didn´t think too much and simply do the job. The only thing we wanted was to have a document of these songs versions because they mean a lot to us as a band, we rehearsed the stuff all the year and we feel that in this setlist we found ourselves as a musical project we love to be in. And as a rock band after all, we love to play live, and we love to show people that we don´t have a bass player!

So basically we could say, Cambur Blanco loves to play live so much. Will there be new concerts in close future?

Yes, but only a few, can´t tell you right now when or where, maybe in August to give a hint. We need those as a warm up for the recording of the upcoming album.

Do you have in plan to come across the oceans for a Europe tour?

No, but we love to do it!!! We don´t have any plan because we don´t see ourselves near to that… but, who knows?


Are there any new materials you guys are already working on?

Yes, our new album has a working title, has 14 songs, and we began to rehearse it. We are very proud of the songs and the general concept, it´s a full concept album with songs that work individually as well. We´re expecting to release this year.

Where do you see yourselves in the future as Cambur Blanco?

With more than ten albums, more than twenty years playing together, just enjoying doing the music we like to do. Thanks a lot!!!

Camber Blanco are on Facebook and Bandcamp.