BLINDBOSS’ Max Histrionic Talks About “Our Tribe”

Blindboss is a brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Max Histrionic, who has been releasing music as Chameleon Technology before changing the name of the project to Blindboss. February 23rd marks the release of a new album entitled “Our Tribe,” and we talked with Max about his beginnings, the new album, composing, and more.

Let’s start from your early music beginnings. How did your musical career begin? When did you start playing? Which groups have been your favorites as a young man? Please tell us something more about your early life.

I was fortunate to have musicians in my family. My dad always had a guitar lying around, so I started when I was 8, watching MTV. Although my formal training is limited, there were always people around to answer questions about X and Y. I’m a 90s kid, so all those embarrassing chart-toppers were my idols at a young age. I started performing around 13.

How did you go about forming Chameleon Technology/Blindboss? Who was the most influential when the project started its musical journey?

ChamTech was my “song bank” while I played in other bands as a drummer. I would use GarageBand to track ideas and I just sat on them for years. Then after being fed up with the last band I played in, I decided to get my act together and figure out how to develop Blindboss’ “live multimedia experience”. 

In the beginning, did you have some “fixed” tempo in composing songs or everything was a product of jamming, improvising?

While most pieces are 4/4 throughout, there are odd changes and little additions to keep the listener and myself present. There’s so much homogeneous material out there. While I can’t claim complete artistic autonomy from own influences, I really strive to do things a little different. It’s a challenge.

How would you describe Blindboss’ music on your own?

High energy rock. Like most musicians, I listen to a lot of diverse genres, so blending becomes necessary as shelf space becomes limited.

Blindboss - Our Tribe

Your new album, Our Tribe, is a follow-up to [2016] release Blank Canvas which was released under the name Chameleon Technology. Have you felt any pressure while working on Our Tribe because of that?

Not exactly pressure from the name change. I changed the name to reflect a maturity in song writing, combined with my new knowledge of the recording process; it needed to stand apart. Any pressure is felt because I just want it done so I can move onto the next idea.

What has changed for you when it comes to writing new music — Our Tribe in particular?

The new record is a product of having done this one man project for a few years now. I’m starting to get a grip on dynamics, presentation and the feel of the music. I’m attempting to incorporate more erudite perspectives into my storytelling as a lyricist. “Our Tribe” is my most recent example of that.

Your music evolves largely around Rock, Punk and Metal. Do you usually have a clear vision how these distinctive elements are incorporated within a song, or does it just happen?

It just happens… Those styles of music are my bedrock. Anything else that comes out is contrived, though I am thoughtfully trying to scale that wall.

How do you see the US rock scene today?

Positively. I think electronic music has peaked for the time being. Rock will make it’s way back, just like biker jackets and camo print from the 90s are swinging into style again. The die-hards never left rock, and without them, my local pals and I would’ve been SOL. So thank you!

Are you also involved in any other projects or bands beside Blindboss?

I jam with my friends from time to time, but nothing too serious. Blindboss is my lifestyle.

So, what comes next for Blindboss?

I’m writing more and thinking about another EP soon. I’m doing fewer live shows this year and touring is on hold until there is an audible demand. Videos are my focus as everyone is living half of their lives (or more) through a screen. HOW DO I REACH THESE KIDS?!

Pre-order “Our Tribe” from Bandcamp here.