ASYMMETRIC UNIVERSE Offers Immaculate Prog Fusion on Debut EP “When Reality Disarticulates”

Asymmetric Universe is a trio from Turin in Italy who have just released their debut EP titled “When Reality Disarticulates.” Their music is largely based on progressive rock/metal and jazz fusion. For a debut release, “When Reality Disarticulates” sounds very professional and imaginative, it’s is a release that has a lot to offer.

“When Reality Disarticulates” is completely an instrumental recording. It includes four songs that are centered around the mixture of jazz fusion and progressive rock, but there are also some other influences that add up to the overall taste. The EP seems to be balanced very well between the progressive and fusion parts, but the transitions between the two feel rather smooth than forced.

When Reality Disarticulates

The EP is mainly guitar-focused release, and guitarist Federico Vese does his job flawlessly, but it is not to say that bassist Nicolo Vese and drummer Gabriele Bullita are rather left behind. Their work on “When Reality Disarticulates” are immaculate and a foundation for everything you hear here.

Fans of jazz fusion and instrumental progressive rock will enjoy this record, and it’s one of 2019’s best newcoming releases. Give it a try without hesitation.