An Album You Should Hear: CAST’s “Power and Outcome”

The good side of being involved in writing reviews is definitely being in touch with bands and PR companies that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. My everlasting hunger for good Prog sound recently brought me to a new album by Mexican symphonic progressive rockers Cast. Power and Outcome is their 19th (!!!) studio album since 1994, although the band was formed back in 1978. As it turns out, this band could be described as one of the most underrated progressive rock bands I heard in a while.

Power And Outcome - cover

Right from the starting gate this album feels timeless. The opening instrumental is an almost 12-minute epic “Rules of the Desert,” which occasional inclusion of spoken-word commentary sets the tone for the rest of the record, introducing the listener to the main themes which reoccur throughout. “Power and Outcome” begins with a beautiful Bobby Vidales-sung melody then rolls right into an instrumental work out. The following two-part “Details” showcases the band’s love for Symphonic Rock and dense, Queen-like harmonies. “Through a Stained Glass” feels very 1980’s inspired, it also feels simple and complex in the same time. The vocal harmonies are spot on, and Vidales shows that his voice fits perfectly for this style.

Power and Outcome offers much more, and is an album of great quality. That should be telling something about how good it is. Make sure you take this journey, I’m sure you’ll like what you hear.

The album can be ordered from Bandcamp. Follow Cast on Facebook.