Album Review: The Last Colour – Beautiful Apocalypse

The Last Colour is a new band on the international metal scene which combines modern metal sound with traditional prog metal. Massive riffs accompanied with djent and influences of melodic metal add to the variety.

Their debut record Beautiful Apocalypse was released this past February. It includes eight fully instrumental songs and it is a little longer than 36 minutes. The album starts with “Agent 2.0.” The song has an epic intro, which directly parts the album from a “classic” djent work. Well thought piece that gives variety. What ultimately grabs listener’s attentions in all songs are guitar solos which often change direction towards more traditional heavy metal sound.


The third, title track also has a different atmosphere that makes the band’s sound separated from the other acts. It features an underlying keyboard work and juicy guitar riffs performed by Yohann Boudreault and crushing drumming by Simon Langlois. This song changes your mind completely about where The Last Colour are headed to. In the end, everybody loves new, different and well made things.

Beautiful Apocalypse is a prog metal release that didn’t forget its heavy metal roots and with tons of different influences it makes for sure that this band has a lot of potential for something greater.

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