Album Review: Sonus Corona’s Self-Titled Debut

What we’ve got here is the debut album of these Finnish prog metallers. The thing that pops into my mind is the obvious influence of Dream Theater.  What’s mostly expressed through is, I have to say, remarkable musicianship. This album brings the virtuosity which is probably at the base of every progressive metal record, and the only complaint (and probably the biggest) is actually the originality. Experienced listeners will probably say that the work presented on Sonus Corona has been heard many times before, but at the other side all those people who think that the godfathers of prog metal (speaking of DT, of course) have been doing badly with their last few albums might consider this a breath of fresh air.

Sonus Corona - Sonus Corona

The biggest highlight of the album and my favorite track is actually the opening, “Struggle,” with one of the best prog metal intro sections that I’ve heard in a long.

“The Window,” shows, through its structure, the band’s heavy Dream Theater influence, especially in the beginning when it sounds like “As I Am.” But then it continues to develop with balanced vocals, atmospherics, interesting riffs, and very nice flute solo.

Sonus Corona is not really a groundbreaking release, but it deserves to be heard because of the musicianship. And these guys do have the potential to make something great in the future.

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