Album Review: For Millennia Shows “Where The Ocean Ends”

When it comes to progressive metal, all too many bands revert to the same tired and recycled Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, or Symphony X formulas, sometimes even amounting to nothing more than technically inclined anthem rock. Of course, some of those bands manage to do great things with that sound, but the general trend has been to get away from those conventions, and explore the sound of metal in a less overdone fashion. For Millennia is a fairly young band that dropped their debut EP Where The Ocean Ends last year, and shows that they are a band all too thrilled to move in a different direction than most of what has been done before. Instead, For Millennia goes down a melodic brand of progressive metal; a similar sound to Periphery, Monuments, and TesseracT. While For Millennia’s sound on Where The Ocean Ends does not yet set them apart from all other bands in terms of sound, the heavy brand of melodic progressive music that that should certainly be worth the gander for those who like any of the bands previously mentioned.

Where The Ocean Ends is a release that keeps their sound balanced between the viciously technical moments, and more atmospheric melodic sections. Much like TesseracT, their metal aspect is very atmospheric, managing to get the feeling of extreme metal across without making (so) much use of growl vocals. There are moments here where everything focuses on clean songwriting and melodies. This contrast and balance keeps For Millennia’s sound fresh, and works well to keep them from getting monotonous with unrelenting technicality. Even so, For Millenia’s strength is in the heavy moments; which blister the ears with many a riff that most guitarists could only dream of playing. The lighter sections are still good, but their purpose here is more to keep the heaviness fresh and exciting via dynamic.

For Millennia’s Where The Ocean Ends is not necessarily a release that offers anything that I, or another listener of progressive metal has never heard before, but the promise of these Ausies lies in the fact that they are able to pull off the sound so well. Also keeping in mind that there are so many other bands out there that simply opt to go for that tired Dream Theater approach, For Millennia is a band with more to offer than many of the other more recent prog metal bands to appear in recent years.

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