Album Review: Fatal Destiny’s “Palindromia”

Fatal Destiny is a progressive metal band from Verona in Italy, and it’s obvious that part of their goal is to focus on the melodic aspect of their music, and that is a claim that they easily back-up on their debut full-length release Palindromia.

After the short instrumental intro of the title song, “Beyond Dreams”, has a melodic opening well grounded with symphonic wall built by keyboards, excellent rhythm section, interesting riffs and topped by singing of Andrea Zamboni. However, this is merely a lure, as listeners are drawn into the captivating arrangement—not only through the guitar riffs, but with the vocals. Few minutes in, a more metal element begins to take over, merging with the sweet-sounding arrangement, making for Palindromia’s captivating introduction.

Fatal Destiny - Palindromia album art

Don’t let “Beyond Dreams” fool you, however. While a few tracks are reminiscent to the heavy prog, Fatal Destiny does not provide listeners with an album of just progressive metal rockers — they demonstrate that they can stand on their own as a melodic metal metal band.

Fatal Destiny takes what sound has been established in this field of melodic prog-metal and makes it their own. There is a sense of unity to Palindromia’s sound that just makes this stand-out from what listener’s may already know or suspect to hear upon listening to this album.

Palindromia brings a lot of positives to the table. Instrumentally and vocally, everything just blends so well together — and, just because it hasn’t been mentioned yet, I will say Fatal Destiny has some powerful and emotionally-charged vocals that I’ve ever heard. This album should be given a listen-to by old fans of the genre and newcomers alike — there’s a lot of talent that anyone can appreciate here.

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