Album Review: Deus Omega’s “In Absentia of Light”

Now this one is definitely a slight out of my comfort zone. Deus Omega play a style of bleak, atmospheric Progressive Metal, with Technical Death Metal and Black Metal interspersed into their sound too. In a bid to continue with my ever continuing broadening of horizons I decided I’d give this a look over for review.

Deus Omega are the kind of band I wouldn’t have touched a few years ago, and those who listen to the more conventional styles of Metal can safely give this one a miss from the get go. However, those who are attracted to bizarre and abstract strands of Metal are going to want to read on.

Deus Omega’s style is a suffocating mesh of jangling, djenty-techy guitars. Their pacing is a mixture between slow and fast, and their songs are not too long, yet ever growing. I keep on writing “their,” but in fact Deus Omega is Alex Moore, multi-instrumentalist who handles everything on “In Absentia of Light.” A spiralling, haunting trudge through dank mires, Moore’s riffs claw out the speakers like skeletal branches; constricting the listener and dragging them into pits of despair. The guitar tone isn’t too overbearing. The drum work is excellent, with tasteful use of cymbals and drum fills. The bass also has a good degree of room to breathe here on “In Absentia of Light” which is just great.

Deus Omega is at their best as the album flows. A tumultuous journey on “Puriel, Angel of Genocide” that spans at almost nine minutes, and drags the listener right to the heart of Alex Moore’s nightmare world.

A bizarre, and sometimes horrifying release, Deus Omega creates its atmosphere well. I’d say fans of the style are going to be in for a treat with “In Absentia of Light.”

Visit Deus Omega’s website for more information.