ACIDIUN Slams It Down with “The Coalescence”

Debut albums are incredibly important for many reasons. It’s a risk for any label to release a debut album. It’s important for the band to nail their sound and deliver a product that will blow the minds of those whom listen to it. It’s also the first time people will be hearing the band for the first time and this is the sound they will remember. Fortunately, Acidiun’s debut album “The Coalescence” is something that will benefit the band, more importantly the listener. These barbarians from Uppsala in Sweden give us a technical deathcore sound that you will fall in love with. Incorporating an atmospheric sound within this fine tuned metal track gives Acidiun a highly enjoyable and unique sound, making this a fun and over the top brutal listening experience.

Acidiun - The Coalescence

Acidiun performs with ultra precise musicianship and technicality, these guys should be the front runners for your technical death metal(core) needs. Low end growling, mid ranged screaming over the fast paced music blends it all together so nicely. Guitars and drum kicks synchronized with triplets mixed in during the hectic technical riffing. Something is always going 200 mph on this record. The attention to detail and execution of the guitar playing is phenomenal. The guitar tone itself is incredibly heavy and audible. Bass tone is low and thick and it accentuates the guitar playing even more. Giving the overall theme and vibe of the album a rich powerful sound. Song writing is exciting and powerful, giving off a long lasting appeal that will have me listening to it for a long long time.

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