ABRAHAM SARACHE Talks “The Gardener” Album

Progressive/alternative rock musician based in Amsterdam Abraham Sarache will host a concert on June 24 at Volta in Amsterdam in support of his album “The Gardener“. In an interview for Rocking Charts Abraham told us about the album and the coming concert.
Alright, first things first. Before we dive into all the music stuff, how’s life?
Everything is fine, thanks for asking.
Speaking of new music, you have an album. What can people expect from “The Gardener”?
An album that swims into the complexity of human relationships with the use of folk instruments such as ukulele and venezuelan cuatro.
What was it like working on the album?
Challenging and exciting. I have composed, played and recorded all the instruments, mixed and mastered whole the album.
Are there any touring plans in support to “The Gardener”?
Yes. Now we are focused on getting high standard performances in interesting places around The Netherlands
We will start on june 24th at Volta in Amsterdam for the album’s premiere.
While we are on the subject of touring, what countries would you love to tour?
Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Turkey, UK. There are so many interesting places.
Who and what inspires you the most?
Human behaviour. All those repressed feelings behind the mask of routine and normality. How people nowadays are programmed to get a career, a car, a partner, a pet, a house, retire and die.
It is funny how people talk about that as a synonym of happiness.
What other genres of music do you listen to? Have any of the other genres you listen to had any impact on your playing?
I listen to everything that goes into the Rock/Metal spectrum. From Pop Rock to Black Metal.
And of course different genres influences your playing abilities and approach. For instance I love to play heavy riffs on electric guitar, but soft melodic chords on piano.
I really appreciate you giving us your time today. Is there anything else you would like to tell us and the fans before we wrap things up?
We are preparing interesting concerts for the future and there will be a new release on 2017. Rock on and keep your mind open.