5 Bands That Need to Come Back (Part I)

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Pink Floyd return this November with a new studio album, their first recording in the last 20 years, and I couldn’t help but think about the bands that it would be great to see a return to the scene. Even for a little while (a new studio album or a full-fledged reunion tour). Of course, no one can say with assurance that a comeback studio album would be something to live up with one’s past glories, but it would definitely be interesting to see and hear how some bands matured and developed over the course of time.

Black Sabbath, for example, returned with an album last year which was an absolute “spot-on” work. But, on the other side, not every comeback is worth in terms of the new music.


Gentle Giant

I still recall somewhat cruel this year’s April Fools Day prank about the possible Gentle Giant reunion, but judging by responses I received it is easy to notice that progressive rock fans would love to see the band back. Although, it’s unlikely to happen, one can dream. One of the reasons the band disbanded back in the 1980s was that they had lost their way musically.

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