23 ACEZ Offer Tasty Melodic Prog Metal with “Embracing the Madness”

UK melodic/progressive metal band 23 ACEZ has been around for six years and their third studio album “Embracing the Madness” was launched recently via Freya Records.

23 Acez - Embracing the Madness“Embracing the Madness” is a colorful one. It aims to create a style of music that combines a wide range of influences ranging from Primal Fear, Fates Warning, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rush and much more. This album is so wide-ranging indeed that it’s like a playlist of various artists, vehemently consisting of unpredictable and at times familiar surprises on each track. Without a doubt, this is a band so developed that they’re not afraid of experimentation. The changes in the tone are achieved so precisely with each instrument that it seems they can carefully adapt any given style to their liking. And the result: a very prog, Fates Warning-esque riff in one moment, contrasting that with a blast from the past, then a very theatrical chorus with a power metal approach, the next. You can clearly hear a band that engages in having fun while cleaving away from the typical here.

“Embracing the Madness” is a daring album with a wide sonic spectrum; soft and loud, mild and aggressive, all evenly carried out with technical fluency. As generous as I’ve been with my sentiments of this band, I must say that this album is mostly tailored for fans of melodic prog metal in general. Nonetheless, a very fine effort from 23 ACEZ.

For more info visit 23 ACEZofficial website.